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It has been some time since I’ve written a new blog post.  My silence has not been for lack of thoughts or for lack of time.

I have spent the summer writing and meditating and living.  I have settled into times of silence, listening for the inner voice, quietly waiting for clarity over the next step in the journey.  I have been content to go nowhere and to just be.  I have hustled and run errands and kept up with the housework.  I’ve laughed with friends and cried with family and balanced on the thin line between hope and despair over current events.

I have read some magnificent books.

I have savored some heavenly food.

I have wandered in the dark hours of early morning, sleepless.  I have holed up in my comfy home and I’ve taken weekend jaunts.  I have been creative.  Contemplative.  Happy.

I have been irritable.  Tired of the heat.  Restless.  I have loved and I have danced and I have been challenged to grow physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I have a book club that I treasure.  I have family who supports and encourages and a lover who seeks to understand me, far more intensely than I thought possible.  I have friends who don’t allow me to be shallow or apathetic.  I have projects and passions that consume large portions of my waking hours and even creep into my dreams while I sleep.  I have hopes and inspiration.

In short, I have a life.

It’s not always easy.  Or fun.  Or going well.  Some days are harder than others.  Some days are a struggle.  Other days make up for them, defying explanations because the light has crept in and saturated every corner of my heart and the cracks are shored up with gold and the brokenness seems like a thing of the past and the future is wide open with possibilities.

Either way, this life is good.

That may be a recurring theme in this blog, one I keep coming back to; but if I’m living it, I might as well write it.  Life is hopeful, redemptive, creative.  It’s going somewhere.  It’s building and challenging and growing and starting over again and again.  It’s full of grace and second chances.  It’s about falling and rising and trying again.  It’s about relationships and roads that are begging to be traveled.  It’s a work of art and it’s undertaken in the company of the ones I love the most.  It’s worth every struggle and every tear.  It’s worth writing about and sometimes it’s worth absorbing in silence.

I suppose it looks a lot like your life.  And the lives of millions of other individuals, doing what we do, taking one day at a time, and, God willing, giving it our best.

So let’s live it.

Whether we spend it out loud and in public, with words, or whether we sit in silence in our quiet corners and in reflection, let’s remember each day is a gift.  Each day, even though it passes through painful valleys, can be a redemptive chance to do it all over again.  To act on the side of good.  To notice beauty and courage and kindness.  To be different and open.  To risk, to stretch out a hand to others, to embrace solitude and listen.  To seek wisdom.  To pursue compassion and integrity.  To do and be and grow and inspire and share and love and laugh and dance and cry — and no matter what, keep moving forward, keep looking to hope, keep cherishing the little things that make this life into a big thing worth doing well.


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