What If…?


What if we focused less on behavior modification and more on heart connection?

What if we looked less for the differences and more for the similarities?

What if we made for everyone the same excuses we make for ourselves?

What if we allowed for the same lack of perfection, granted the same grace, and expected the same standards from everyone else that we allow, grant, and expect from ourselves?

What if we frowned less and smiled more, complained less and thanked more?

What if we criticized less and encouraged more?

What if we looked for every opportunity to be positive?

What if we stopped looking for faults and failures and instead had an eye out for the gifts in others?

What if we saw God in every person we met?

What if we realized everyone is wounded and hurting and just trying to make their best life?

What if we saw the brokenness around us and used that for a reason to get involved instead of avoiding?

What if we fully engaged, fully embraced, fully loved, and fully graced every situation and every soul we encountered?

What if we erased the “To Do” list and jumped into spontaneity at least once this week?

What if we bought a stranger a cup of coffee… and then sat down to enjoy it with them?

What if we talked less and listened more?

What if we really connected with the individuals around us, made eye contact, and smiled at them?

What if that smile was the only one they might see today?

What if we were less intent on furthering our agenda and more determined to be a force of good in this world?

What if we spoke fewer curses and more blessings?

What if our words were agents of change, of support, of inspiration instead of weapons of discouragement and shame?

What if we took more time… to breathe, to see, to appreciate, to wallow in gratitude, to hug ourselves and those we love?

What if we paused, lifted our heads, and made the effort to lift the head of someone else?

What if we changed a life, not with a prophecy of failure but with a pronouncement of greatness?

What if we held the hand of a child just learning to walk and helped them find their footing for the rest of their childhood?

What if we modeled stability and security and respect?

What if we bestowed dignity upon everyone, no matter how lowly or overlooked, merely because they carry a reflection of the Creator upon them?

What if we looked beyond the borders of our comfort zones and offered a hot bowl of soup, a handshake of equality, or even the courtesy of holding a door open for another?

What if we expected others to like us and us to like them?

What if we were courageous and kind?

What if we anticipated getting along, finding friends, and being happy?

What if we absorbed peace enough that it leaked out of every one of our pores onto the people we meet?

What if we widened our view to see not only the here and now, but the then and there, sometimes called “The Big Picture?”

What if we understood that what we do in this life, echoes for eternity and affects those who share our space?

What if we measured the repercussions of our actions and chose to act only in ways that facilitate good?

What if we were brave and beautiful?

What if we saw less with the eyes of suspicion and more with the eyes of goodness?

What if we vowed to live with passion, invest with intention, and forgive both others and ourselves with a grace that knows we are all far short of perfect, but perfectly loved nonetheless?

What could we do with one lifetime lived in this way…

…and what if we chose to live it?


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