The Yellow Balloon


The sun was up, bathing a new day in glorious, golden light, turning everything it touched into diamonds, reflecting off dew drops.  Another Thursday morning, another early commute (if you can call two miles a commute) to drop my daughter off at her 8:00 class.  Cloudy bursts of warm breath leading the way, we got in the car and hit the road.

Before this story can hold any meaning, I would need to add a little background information.  First off, my daughter’s favorite color is yellow, bright yellow, like dandelions and minions.  She has a dress in such a bright shade of yellow that it seems to carry its own light with it.  She also loves balloons.  She painted a canvas that hangs in her room with a big balloon on it and the quote from Winnie the Pooh, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

On this morning, I left her at school and was halfway through the return trip home when a yellow balloon came waltzing across the road ahead of me.  I couldn’t stop a huge grin from breaking over my face.  My first thought: Bri would love this!  I know it will be one of the first things I tell her about when I pick her up this afternoon, and I wish she had been in the car with me to see it.

It floated leisurely above the opposite lane until the wind from an oncoming car gusted it back over my side of the road.  I saw the delight on the face of the other driver as she watched it rise up and over her car, dancing its way through the sky, gaining altitude with a flurry of drafts and then disappearing behind me as we — the balloon and I —  continued on our way.

Such a small thing, a little yellow balloon, probably escaped from a child’s backyard, blown out into the vast, big world, and spreading cheer just by being.  A little touch of magic, a gift sent across my path from a God who specializes in personal touches.

I want to be like that yellow balloon.

I want to be the reason for the smile on the faces of others, the cause for them to take their eyes for one second off their bustle and busyness and remember there is whimsy and childlike wonder all around us, waiting to be seen.  And sometimes it comes in the form of a yellow balloon.



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