Frost Inspired Gratitude

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Frost all around.  Steam rising from every surface, creating a mist that hovers in the low places.  So beautiful… and cold.

I think of the man with his pack sitting on the park bench last night on my way home.  I hope he was only waiting for a ride and not planning to spend the night there.  I wondered that on my way by.

I wondered it again this morning.  My heart goes out to anyone who has to struggle to spend a night in weather like this.  Although it’s a naive hope, I wish no one had to, that every single soul was able to find warm lodging, that no one was left, literally, out in the cold, on a night like this past one.

I wonder what difference it would make, if it would change even one life, if I went out and bought a sleeping bag or a blanket and found someone who needed it.  I wonder at the circumstances that have led me to be where I am and the homeless woman to be where she is, and I marvel at the seeming randomness of it all, at my immense privilege to be the one sitting in a warm place, wondering.

And feeling unworthy of all I have been given, I breathe a prayer: Thank you, God, for my unmerited blessing.


2 thoughts on “Frost Inspired Gratitude

  1. It truly is a humbling place, of gratitude, to see where you are and where others are. To see the aches, feel the cold, the hopelessness and then to stand and say, with gratitude overflowing, Thank You God! Thank you for the freedom, the warmth, the love that fills my being and my life. I find myself constantly at this place of gratitude only to be left with a strong desire to step over to the countless souls that are still in the cold. To bring something of the love that has been poured out on me and hand it to someone who needs to be seen, needs to be loved. It does not seem to matter if it is in the shape of a blanket or a sleepingbag or a kind word or a hug. It is the stepping over to that person and letting them know that they are seen, they are of worth, and there is love in this world. God does that to me daily and I have learned to humbly accept and arise in gratitude to see those around me that are still in the cold. Thank you for your words!!! I appreciate them so much as I find myself praying every cold night that everyone does have a warm place to find rest.

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  2. Yes, maybe it really is that easy (and that difficult!). I tend to over-think and complicate matters, wondering how to help and if it would help and…. so on… I like your phrase about “letting them know they are seen” because really that is the desire of every heart.


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