Beauty in Unexpected Places

ei036Yesterday, permanent roommate and I were out running errands.  Our younger daughter is going through a glow-stick phase and had requested that we stop and purchase a few tubes for her.  Our local dollar store has them, 15 to a tube for… yep, you guessed it… a dollar.

I have a love/hate relationship with the dollar store.  On occasion, I have found some exceptional deals there, enough to keep my curiosity up about what they may be offering this month; and have also had my share of cheap, unwise purchases, made in the moment, thinking to save a few pennies, and which ended up costing me far more in the long run, both in price and in pride.

As we pulled into our parking spot, this beautiful hollyhock was occupying a space in the flowerbed, its ruffly petals gently waving in the wind.  We sat for a moment, contemplating how it came to be there.

There were no other flowers in the lot, just shade trees and shrubs, planted by the landscapers years ago.  In thinking it over, we remembered there were hollyhocks growing wild along the road a quarter-mile up the street from where we were sitting.

This adventurous, brave little seed must have floated, wind-borne from there and found a home in front of the dollar store.

Which makes me think… there’s beauty to be found in unexpected places.

There’s also no telling where you’ll end up when you start on a new adventure.

And when you arrive, even if it’s metaphorically in the dollar store parking lot of life, bloom with all you have within you.  For those who are passing by need the hope of beauty in an unexpected place.


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