Almost On the Books…



At this point in the year, all students and teachers begin to feel the burn out.  End of the year testing has begun, finals are just around the corner, spring break is next week.  After that, if we can survive just 25 to 30 more schooldays, we are home free – summer!

Being a home-school mom for the past ten years has proven this to be an annual trend.  I love teaching, love being with my kids, love those light bulb moments when it all just clicks.  I truly enjoy the schooling experience with them and wouldn’t trade all the years we’ve invested in their education.

That being said, each and every year has had this downward slump, when the days in the books have added up and the weather outside is calling.  The lure of spring, sunny warmth and flowers and free time, it all beckons seductively, distracting even the most dedicated student from the work.  I mean, really, who wants to be diagramming sentence structure when they could be dancing in the daffodils?


This time of year, my end goal is to finish strong.  What we began with a gusto back in August or September needs to be completed well, in order for one more school year to go on the books.  We begin the countdown, marking the days off, counting the lessons that remain, and narrowing down the subjects one at a time.  With each final test, that’s one more pat on the back for a job well done.

And I can’t help but think how revitalizing spring break and the summer sabbatical are for educators and students alike.  To have to carry this schedule full-time, year round, is too exhausting.  Having a bit of time off creates the critical disconnect so vital to sharp brains, activated minds, and engaged attitudes.

With every year exhibiting this pattern, I can embrace the idea that while I am winding down and getting tired, I’m also assured that it is not a permanent ailment.  I will again be recharged and ready to rumble next fall, when the new books sit in pristine condition and new horizons send out their invitation to adventure.  I know then, that after having my schedule interrupted — or made non-existent — for the past three months, I will be able to approach the next school year with all the energy and excitement of that first year.

So here’s to all the educators who pour our hearts out to the kids in our classrooms, day after day, and to the students who work with diligence and perseverance, chasing down those good grades and becoming intelligent recipients of a quality education.  Here’s to one more year, almost on the books!




3 thoughts on “Almost On the Books…

  1. Great post and great pictures, but I particularly LOVE the picture of the apple sticky note dispenser. So cool.
    Awesome work, Mom. Thanks for teaching.

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