Free Beauty Therapy



This morning, the panorama outside my window was a masterpiece, painted in the night and animated for my viewing pleasure when I crawled out of bed.  The mountains were covered with freshly fallen snow.  Masses of high fog were veiling half of the peaks, and a bluebird was flitting about on the white picket fence surrounding my backyard.  This being the first of April, the lilacs are in the opening stages of bloom, producing a prodigious showing of purple, and the abandoned golf course at the bottom of our hill was vibrant green.  All this against the backdrop of bruised sky and frozen mountains, with drops of rain hanging from every surface and magnifying tiny little worlds of their own, sitting like pearls in the cups of each lilac blossom.


Such copious amounts of beauty, likely to take your breath away, and reproduced the world over, in some form or another, one day after the other.


Considerable research supports the idea that nature is essential to the physical, psychological and social well-being of the human animal.”


This quote was taken from the Science Daily article written about the conclusions of a study conducted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009.  As unfamiliar as we may be with this concept in our busy lives, science shows that appreciating the beauty around us tends to lead not only to more enriched lives, but even to longer lives.  With all the stress related medical issues on the table today – high blood pressure, heart attacks, panic attacks, indigestion, insomnia, just to mention a few – maybe it’s time we give beauty a try.  It is free therapy, after all.


On your lunch break, eat beside the fountain or take a walk in the park.  If possible, make weekend plans to get out in nature by hiking, biking, or camping.  Visit a florist shop, and look long enough at the different blooms to soak up the colors and textures.  Drive the scenic route instead of the freeway.  Take the evening off to watch the sun sink below the horizon, and take note of the shades of colors left behind in its passing.  Hold your grandchild’s hand as he’s learning to walk, read her a book, or volunteer at the local mission.  Sit with a veteran, and hear his story.


Celebrate the beauty of life.  In doing so, you may add not only beauty to your own life, but perhaps a few years, as well.



12 thoughts on “Free Beauty Therapy

  1. Reblogged this on Living Life Day by Day and commented:
    Some wonderful thoughts and beautiful photos on “Free Beauty Therapy” – something that can be found all around us and is so readily available. All that is needed is a conscious moment where we can sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing wonders of nature – check out the great tips at the bottom of the post for how to do this. Good luck on maximizing your free beauty therapy sessions … they are yours for the taking.


    • Thank you very much for reblogging and for your wonderfully kind words. “Maximizing your free beauty therapy sessions” — I love the way you put that!


    • Thank you for taking the time to check them out and to comment. There’s plenty of beautiful nature to go around and I love seeing the view through others’ eyes and camera lens.


  2. I’m very lucky, I live in nature here in North Cyprus. We have a huge, vacant paddock next to our apartment, we look out towards the Mediterranean sea, and behind us to the south are the Besparmak Mountains which run parallel to the coast. I absolutely bless each day to be living in such beautiful surroundings.


    • I could not agree more! You painted a lovely picture with your words — makes me want to visit the Mediterranean even more, as it has always been a future vacation destination for me. 🙂 Life is so much better when we see and recognize the blessings before us.


  3. Such a beautiful post!
    I cannot wait to get up each day to see what beauty unfolds. Its always changing.
    Love the way you see the world and very glad to have found your site 🙂


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